Price Guarantee

Price Guarantee

If you book through our website you can be assured of receiving the best price with our suppliers. Please compare the prices at our local providers of accommodation and activities - if you find the same service at a lower price, we would like to hear from you. Contact us for more information about our price policy.

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Booking terms


Booking Conditions

BOOK FINNMARK is responsible for our customers when ordering your experience through us. We ensure that you get the necessary information prior to travel and will contact you if there are significant changes to your order. If you need to contact us before or during your trip, we are available from Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We can be contacted by phone (+47) 78 47 70 31 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Booking Conditions

The booking system handles reservations up to 9 persons. You can order until 4:00 p.m. the day before arrival. Your booking is confirmed when you receive a confirmation of your reservation number on e-mail. We recommend all our customers to print out your confirmation and bring this along on the trip. You must be at least 18 years old to make a reservation with BOOK FINNMARK.

Payment and Security

Payment is due when order is completed. BOOK FINNMARK is responsible for the transaction itself, and that the correct amount is deducted from your account. If problems arise with your credit card, we will contact you. Achieves we do not connect, the order will be canceled. Personal information is given on an encrypted page (SSL 128 bit) where it is safe to enter information about yourself and your credit. Only BOOK FINNMARK and the supplier of the product you have ordered will have access to your name and contact information.

Cancellation / change on your part

To cancel or change your reservation, please contact BOOK FINNMARK. Cancellation can be done up to 7 days before arrival with full refund

- There is no refund on cancellation between 7 and 0 days before arrival / start date.

- A change from your side is regarded as a cancellation.

Some of our suppliers and partners operate with different cancellation terms in addition to ours, such as airlines and car rental companies. You will be informed of regulations when ordering from these suppliers.

Cancellation / change of data packets from your site

To cancel or modify the package until 40 days before departure you will get refund of the full amount. Cancellation of the entire package between 40 and 14 days before departure give refund of 50% of the price. Cancellation of the package 14 days or less gives no refund.

Insurance / cancellation insurance

We recommend all our customers to ensure insurance prior to travel.

Our subcontractors

We are responsible for paying our suppliers for what you have booked through us. Our subcontractors are responsible for each part of your application, including full insurance, permits, equipment, staffing, etc., which are in accordance with the then current laws and regulations that apply to the provider.

Cancellations / significant changes from our side

Cancellations and significant changes can occur by:

- Circumstances like weather conditions, breakdowns, labor disputes, etc.
- The conditions in your booking are not met, subject to a minimum number of participants etc.

If such cancellation / significant change happen, and you do not accept the alternative provided for you, we pay back 100%. In order to give you the best experience possible, we reserve the right to make minor adjustments to travel plans. Such adjustments may occur for example due to weather and road conditions.


BOOK FINNMARK can recieve booking from groups. Please contact us by phone or e-mail.


If you find errors or deviations along the way compared to the travel documents you have received, and the matter can`t be corrected on the spot, please contact BOOK FINNMARK as soon as possible. If we are not able to reach agreement, you can contact the Complaints Committee for Corporate Travel, PO Box 2924 Solli, 0230 Oslo. For more information, see:

We welcome you to Finnmark!

Finnmark Tourist Board, Org No: 965 509 089
Fiskeriveien 4D, 9750 Honningsvåg
Phone: +47 78 47 70 31


Activities and Attractions

  • Holmen Husky Lodge

    Holmen Husky Lodge

    Join us on a thrilling dog sledding adventure in winter light! Experience wonderful nature, mountains and rivers in a unique way, on a dog sledding adventure with our four-legged friends here at Holmen Husky Lodge.

  • SarvesAlta alpinsenter

    SarvesAlta alpinsenter

    Enjoy the view over Altafjorden in the fantastic slopes at SarvesAlta alpinsenter.Her kan du stå på ski/brett under nordlyset og nyte fargespillet og stjernehimmelen.Vi har 6 løypetraseer pluss gode muligheter til off pist kjøring og snøpark med...

  • Sami Siida

    Sami Siida

    Experience Sami culture, food and traditions. A warm welcome to our Siida!

  • Sorrisniva AS

    Sorrisniva AS

    Sorrisniva is a year-round adventure and activity company, located on the banks of the River Alta. In 2009 we got the award for the year Hospitality Business of Innovation Norway. In the winter you can visit the largest and northernmost ice hotel. You...

  • Alta museum

    Alta museum

    The rock art in Alta is one of seven Norwegian listings on the UNESCO world heritage list

  • BorealisAlta

    The beauty and power of the northern lights have fascinated people across the ages. While various cultures have told their own stories about the aurora borealis, researchers have been looking for a scientific explanation of the phenomenon.
  • CampAlta


    Alta river have always been an important part of life in Alta. The river supports a wide ecosystem of plants and animals, in which gives a rich stream of fish for humans whom live here. Alta river is considered one of the best salmon rivers in the world,...

  • Pæskatun


    Peska is one of the slate mountains in Alta. Up at the mountainside of Peska the slate quarry Pæskatun/Alta Skiferprodukter AS is located.

  • GLØD Explorer

    GLØD Explorer

    GLØD, which means glow in English, was founded in 2005. From our base in Alta in the North Norwegian county of Finnmark, we offer bespoke Arctic adventures and expeditions for individuals and groups.

  • Gargia Fjellstue AS

    Gargia Fjellstue AS

    Gargia Mountain Lodge is located in the south of the Alta valley beside the old post road from Alta to Kautokeino that then crosses the Beskades terrain. You can find this little gem in beautiful natural surroundings just 30 minutes from Alta Airport.

  • Storekorsnes Ferie & Fritid

    Storekorsnes Ferie & Fritid

    Experience the wonderful nature of Finnmark summer and winter. Sea fishing, safaris, midnight sun, northern lights, eagle, halibut, whale, reindeer and other arctic animals.

  • GuideGunnar


    One of Norway’s most innovative and experienced tour guides, GuideGunnar is known for his energy and enthusiasm, sharing generously his in-depth, local knowledge of heritage and country. Educated mountain guide, GuideGunnar was one of the first in...

  • Icecube of Aurora

    Icecube of Aurora

    Icecube of Aurora is a local tourist fishing boat that engages in adventure tours in Altafjord.

  • Northern Lights Husky og Trasti & Trine

    Northern Lights Husky og Trasti & Trine

    Trasti & Trine and Northern Lights Husky are based in Øvre Alta, 10 km from the centre of Alta. We offer dog sledding, various dining experiences, and accommodation.

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Taste of the Arctic

  • Sami Siida

    Sami Siida

    Experience Sami culture, food and traditions. A warm welcome to our Siida!

  • Restaurant Alta

    Restaurant Alta

    In Scandic Alta located in the center of Alta, you will find Restaurant Alta. Located just 1 hour and 50...


  • Sorrisniva AS

    Sorrisniva AS

    Sorrisniva is a year-round adventure and activity company, located on the banks of the River Alta. In 2009 we...

  • Alta Gjestegaard & Spa

    Alta Gjestegaard & Spa

    Altafjord Gjestegaard & Spa is situated in Bossekop, 6 kilometres from Alta airport - in idyllic surroundings...
  • Alta River Camping

    Alta River Camping

    Alta River Camping is situated in scenic surroundings on the banks of the Alta River. The distance to the center...
  • Storekorsnes Ferie & Fritid

    Storekorsnes Ferie & Fritid

    Experience the wonderful nature of Finnmark summer and winter. Sea fishing, safaris, midnight sun, northern...

  • Scandic Alta

    Scandic Alta

    The hotel is perfect for anyone wishing to experience Norway’s spectacular nature up close. With a meeting...


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